Sunday, April 18, 2010


secret rhythms of the absent beat
Western music scholars would have
West African drum patterns to be
encompassed into 6/8 time phrases
>2 divided sets of "1-2-3/1-2-3"<
{immagine a swinging waltz 2-step}
West African drummers claim it 4/4
>everything dead on squared from
disco inferno to Phillips Sousa<
This invokes a peculiar nature of
the West African algorithms seeing
as this would sometimes imply that
there pulse for tempo could lie in
the sounds'absence during a pattern




If you take a 4/4 measure of music
with only 4 notes {1 note per beat}
overlap a 6/8 {6 notes acoss the 4}
the more you multiply the 4/4 & 6/8
{multiply by same numbers for both>
hence {4 x 4 = 16} & {6 x 4 = 24}>
one will find that there will always
be an unattainable space in the very
center of the measure for the 4/4 time,
a void that the 6/8 marks dead central
If one where to overlay the two and
multiply eternally, a super computer
would still be able to find the space*
first notes together:
+ {4/4} >pulse notes
+ {6/8} >every other note to
help simplfy diagram
second notes:
+ _________+
+ _____________________+
third note 6/8 ~ third & fourth 4/4
the last notes are once again together:
+ _________+ _________+ __________+
+ _______________+_______________ +
If these ancient rhythms are not 6/8
this will lead to the fundamental of
absence being the force which drives
the bpm of some if not all West African
music, & could have clues to damage the
4/4 time has invoked in its spiral into
the invention of a on the pulse based
music industry using factory sound to
drive a species of mammals called humans

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