Thursday, July 8, 2010


can just ole anyone can become
???????c l a i r v o y a n t????????
like laying tile in your sleep
or beat matching by perfectly
throwing down records blindly~
when luck and intuition becomes
more so of a guestimation knack*
the mirroring impact of complex
orders in physical geometrickal
models }like living room fun shui{
can pave the way for even higher
more complex orders that would
inaudibly to human ears resonate
back & fro ~ example ~ a square
room can be divisable by infinite
triangles so long as the layout
suggests lines of continuations ~
a mountain of chaos to accumulate
dizmay begins breeding confusions
into a muted resonances of no path
for furthering any complexitiesX


cell by cell

frame by frame

depth perceptoin

exterior illusion

interior angles


blind kid developed sonar to ride
his bike by using vocal clicks to
bounce sounds back & develop a 3D
grid to work within ~ in the age
of everybody's lil brother gots
"garage band", human minds are now
beginning to grow up understanding
spacial relations of wave forms and
see models for music heard everywhere
thus the backbone of all physics &
thereon what was once known as magic *

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