Saturday, July 28, 2012


human capability is always in debate one major issue is the question of vision ?can humans see into and predict the future? though ?how many humans does it take to screw in a light bulb using philosophy? Take for example the 9th sign of the HOPI if it isn't hard enough to weed through to a clear version explination of the actual vision itself, try the sea of interpretation Photobucket ********the Blue Star Kachina******** is said to dance in the plaza, remove his mask, & a dwelling falls from the sky* the game of trying to interpret is the chase humans love so much, no fun after the kill* Yet kill is finality humans seem to crave* a cat killing curious what's at the light at the end of the tunnel one must die to see! Is this 9th sign the ISS burning up when it re~enters our atmosphere in the future??? Is it the phenomenon of the HOLMES comet exploding and expanding bigger than planet Jupiter timed clost to Mayan "5th night" ? Could it be philosophy of philosophy itself? Some elders say it has already come to pass* But despite hearing it from the source, an obsessive kindeling stirred up is the chase* Now, is it safe to say that the human mind is a mind driven to taste the forbidden? Death is a truth in which all humans seek* that the variable upon which it has strived is that which it cannot have,attain, or know? To be the god that made him in HIS image? To be of the time in which the Earth died? Between Nostrodamus, Edgar C. Cayce, the Nibiru relation with the Annunaki, and obvious cycles, perhaps Al GORE will take the award for bringing to the public eye what if the dwelling that falls from the sky is the imbalance of the Earth that seems to reoccur in all of these final visions where, the Earth just simply turns into a giant blue ball of going off its axis from the ?melted poles? Not so much to be another theory, rather an example of ~ how we create becoming an unknown, one of many catasclysms* To be of the time in which Earth in fact died* It is no more a hypothosis than any other, and yet any invigiration into the quest for doom, will be but another log to the fire of what could perhaps be diagnosed with real physical symptoms of an endless hunger for an answer* ?what does it all mean why are we here? Yet a mask lifted could easily reveal not an answer but a question ~ a mirror perhaps? The face of the Blue Star Kachina could be you, or You the reader could be the true white brother, the second coming, not just a member of a rainbow people tribe, but the link between the vision of the past seeing you looking backwards into time, supplying the vision you may manifest by simple aspirations to solve such a riddle* Times are strange and the Higgs Bosons could be real enough to question everything* Mainstream science pushes for the public to accept non linear time flowing backwards* Where there is the need for an intrest in actual attempts to self manifest sci~fi man does so out of lack of further vision* Man can image loop holes and defiance of physics, he unearthed defiance altogether from the need to further understand the physics he also unearthed, and therefore, to say we could not defy physics is all a bit more philosophy for philosphy sake* A bit more of an excuse for psychology to validate its need to exist as a trade* Another axiety to perscribe an aid for* A perpetuation of the need to perpetuate* That is to say that all prophetic vision, be them from sacred people, or be them of all the great science fiction writers, these visions exist as Olympic world records for the mass human conscienceness' limitations* This is not to say that some human has never transcended such thought and been the unknown Einstein in a dark room diagnosed skitsophrenic? But it is in the mass public arena that the stage is set for the barriers of the collective mind that has found itself faster and faster, unifying in masses of agreeance and dividing itself through its clear mass disagreeances* Groups of humans arising together like great god collectives, understood in spread sheet read outs of commonalities of various factors* Photobucket The internet for example can easily be seen these days in the hands of most of the people, and it is quite easy to see this smart phone as the reaching and attaining that which holds highest in our sci fi dreams so desired, but the dog eat dog world of haves and havenots understood through the doomsday mind sets of believers who patiently await an "END TIME" Let us now see across the globe compliance amongst vast groups to crave a global death* Actions of the devil clarify "god's plan" Peril justifies their beliefs without grief* God's plans override human persecution & the guilty walk free in their own consciousness* It's quite easy to rationalize that perhaps an end comes out of need to fullfill it, not so much as a desire to have it in the present, but for sake of experiencing THE END* So with internet it could seem the general fear of there being no tommorow and a limited resource of time to acomplish an own-all senario drive pushing corperate deviance to furthest limits to mutilate and repackage this cyber world to the extent of a disturbed ant's nest of ads, breaking this tower of unworldly babelling down into misguided information and severing the connectedness through money driven barriers designed through things that you are assumed to desire, given the data sheet read outs.... The service of giving you what you need by attempts of accessing your needs, the death in all its many forms that constantly can reassure you of your place in "the future" while simultaniously eating Earth's resource* We begin getting into the territory of which came first the time traveller or the machine? The much simpler way to sum all of this up, is that so often the alienated human looks to the sky for a UFO, and secretly builds the fantasy into reality through measures of trying to grasp for it, yet continues to deny the present tenses perpetual slipping into a future* Although men can fly and black holes can be created by humans, the state of the human remains to seek this unattainable rather than realizing attainment The Blue Star Kachina very likely COULD be that of a Pleadian angel race of winged folk, but the doomsday moral must come to terms with the state of what is considered doom in a similar way that the modern human who believes Magick is not real as it has all been disproved by science must realize that it was always science all along and that the 2012 state of Magick is one of the highest caliber the Earth may have ever known?????? In the need for a trilogy of World War 3, to truely apease the beast of deathly longing, WWII was excedingly biblical in apocolyptic stadards, and given statistics of the ecosphere mass extinction NOW and rapid decline of the glaciers upon Earth lead to great visions of apocolypse, why do many humans will fail to be happy with their sense of completion until the actual news program has the red letters END TIMES in caption on a single day in a single event and a clear cut end* So is it safe to say humans are totally evil? Perhaps that question IS philosophy's soul? This of course does not represent everyone, in any gradients from believing END happened already, to its happening now, to its going to happen, to we can stop the death that appears to be imminate and turn the ship around THIS IS IT moment of truth our time* But honestly folks, as said so many times, "what if GOD was one of us? Stranger on a bus?" Would you recogize that person in the mirror? Where you the Blue Star Kachina would you know? Would you see the snake in front of you?

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