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THE ECO*HYPER*SPHERE each action is an action ~ action=action ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If the hypercube held the geometry to THE_GREAT_BUBBLEBATH model for an omniverse then, in a situation where Earth dwindled upon the edge of the ecosphere extinction, }giving that a hypercube has slight variances outwardly across the bubblebath ~}}}}}}} as experienced in +im3 divergance ~ {{{{{{ #SACRED_GEOMETRY_WITHIN_THE_ORDER_OF_ANGELS **********************************then wouldn't this provide a platform for the predictions of entering the dark rift in conjunctin to Mayan prophetic light that the gods would be released through its absolute zero gravity point as all vortexes simultaniously outwardly lost structural integrity ~ which would not only allow forth alternate dimensional lifeforms, but the ones that exist at the furthest end of the survival of the fittest spectrum {such as humans} If you imagine the creatures unearthed from recent tidal forces never seen from the unknowns of Earths oceanic landscapes* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF:_Earth was under ecosphere finality, as would outwardly in various gradients across all slightly varied dimensions* Phenomenon in the sky seen around the world ?could it be exoplanetary? it could be our other worldly selves? ~interdimensionally yours~ Sure, it could be pure hallucination, ~like that of a common oneness~ ~actuality light at end of . . . our mythstory* ~!Countless_acounts!~ ___________?___________ Experts of astrology, equinox, and agriculture often predict the forthcoming CROP CIRCLE ~ 10110100101010110101010111155501101010001010 are abductions always there, but never occur until we tag animals to save their race? So many abduction cases claim the reasoning for the data extraction is to save ~their~ race* ************************************** are they cosmic justices haunting human actions? are they suggestive life generating energies, and replicating their mathamagic in congruent nature of the hypercube model applying to "ACTION" ************************************** Russian astronaut makes claim of _them_ running a pattern on an indivdual by using a device of suggesting dramatic consequential senarios, and recording how one's response unfolds, which is stored like digital files* ************************************** what do we really know about CERN? what do we really know about HAARP? is John Titor really J.R.B.D.? (?) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ experimental science is in itself the spirit of knowing the brink, this is often seen in the human spirit's nature to break its own world records* To seek new frontiers, the west, the moon the terrafrming of otherworlds for furthest launching into the outward, outward growth, outward reaching for life across the barriers of the spaces in between galaxies, punching holes in the deck of cards to jump from bolding going to where no man has gone before >over< to infinitely existing at the furthest measurements simultaniously all across all feasibly imagined time spaces in theoretical dark matter unknowness* The limit lies within your limit ~ you are the sun* ************************************************* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ but potential holes in the space time continue*sphere does play into the threshold of what we know about matter and what holds it in place ******************************* very similar to the dweller on the threshold of the sanctuary of a whale community becoming against the respects of the whale as fellow mammal* The Whale community as a whole and the music that they are developing every year passing along to each other constantly relaying precious information of value to it fellow human in their present time of need* Basickally with their greater understanding of the planet by traveling its reaches, they have heard far beyond your cries that you strange humans have beamed into space, and are potentially trying to orate the great hope that comes from the unknown/owned side of our brief human understanding of our known Earth* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the complexifying costs of emotional_abomination_tramas from the PSD an animal's well being erupts at spilling blood of busted therometer's piercing glass fibers twisting into their hearts after being encroached upon, snatched and tagged, relocated, and instantly be forced into a life of protection for the dawning of a new day in redifining what wildnerness is for all kingdoms, in order to give it a future from square one* And these are only the disenchantments from considering humanitarian outreach attempts at saving races on verge of extinction, let alone those communities who are in constant struggle with the human race's perpetual incline in pollution into their own ecodome the planet Earth* Filling their households and body with limitless toxic lethal chemicals and leaching them into the ocean, cooking the ocean with mutation & sterility, with a future world of dead zone acid horror of a much unfathomable caliber >>>>a situation which >>>> represents not one direction into the hypercube of killing the entire circle of life by blindly and apathetckally pissing poison into the oceans ph, and not talking about it becuase we're too busy talking about the poison supply's lawsuits and lifting the veil of their corruptions, but it also sends a reverse rift through the hypercube inverted implosinon* a slow death worship in a suicidal~esk killing the body with the products the humans think they can't live without created from the myriad of monstrosities emergant from the decay of dinosaur petroleums* ?????????????????????????????????????? pollution that roots back to the further dark magic of dinosaurs where the burning of oil further invokes their fate* A form of energy which is not even nessisary ~ channeling of this will perhaps in the further-on lives of the planet will see this and all of its spiraling backpage of side effects as a defined disorder* ?????????????????????????????????????? Slowly each product pheonixed from this ancient death > replaces our natural environment more and more, until the scales tip to where it becomes nessisary for our survival, killing ourselves to live, which soon becomes hot persuit for that which the worship gives praises of light unto ~DEATH~ itself* The point in which the laylines walk the tightrope* The verge of the alpha and the omega* The veil's imagination* lifted imagination* +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ************************************** }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ************************************** What do the great ambassadors of the depths think of the human? How could they know? Who cares if they know, they're not humans? ****************************************** The global scientific community we behold only now cometh to pass, that within the debates of if animals have consciousness is >in fact. /current holding leans towards animated star dust/ atoms behave irregular when under the human's lens* Seems as if maybe humans are just now attaining the "we" perspective? ~ or there is no scientific science to be instumental through such an community ever in a million years, as that will be how long it takes to realize that science will forever bait the front line of a PR excuse front for military aplication* **************************************** It would seem you need a HAARP or a HADRON to manifest itself in times of the unnatural replacing the natural ~ peak oil death crossroads ******************************************* To make unification communications to force mass prayer for rain by the flick of a switch: aligning every human being's domains within the iron in their blood, creating magnetic opportunities of better scientific/psychic understanding* ***************************************** For manmade to call for help from the divine to break that forever invisible dimensional barrier, & override that prime directive, and speak the light language of the highest orders* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the eco~sphere is at its finest, like the walls of a bubble growing thin* When where once 300,000 whale swam, now 3,000* Where bees once went outside to play, now gone astray becuase that child laughter quit laughing, leaving no emotional support they needed, as the world grew silent, and the children went into a captured world of data* As the machines grew louder, as the boats and the satellites, and the jets, and the freak storms and quakes of unnaturally crippling resourcing of an abnormally extracted planet* It would seem you would need some sort of miracle like the entire Earth to snap out of its imagination of itself, its own great narrative, its own reflection in the hypercube ...................................... and get out of its selves/slaves finally* out of its dualistic imbalance, to fall off its slippery slope of neverending inward spirals* And thus for all spheres that dwell within the great bubblebath to ignite with the self intrest of ultimate healing of all life* ......................................... To finally quit doing what is plaguing it, of assuming the morbid role of being at the top of the eco~sphere and the elite species of the planet Earth* To act like people who are of the Earth and therefore the Earth, and know how to prevent Earthselves from strangling the Earth out of life for no reason whatsoever at all, other than for the intrest of someone trying to scrape the finacial foam that rises to the top* Underneath, blindly destroying every beautiful thing we have on the planet for no real value at all* No betterment of quality of life other than the patterning the machines provide the given season to black out the sensual awareness* XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To quit holding our views on subjects so high that we forget what is actually happening as you read this right this minute* When will we quit laughing when we're in the same room as Barrack Obama with Migaloo the albino whale, all of us together at the same time finally, amongst many other great officials of the world* When will we be in that room to hear Migaloo's concerns for the world ecosphere situation and not laugh to prevent ourselves from looking like we're actually taking it serious so the other guy ~doesn'txthink~ we're crazy, while he's doing the same thing becuase everyone's doin it* ********************************************* another light of this view is that possibly hits home with more readers in many cases is, when we people of strong resistance quit subcoming to the shortcomings that resistance culture breeds like a brain eating bacteria of general resistance in all walks, developing a general safe zone of declair no beliefs and hold no morals and realize no fears and live no blood vigorating life force experiences outside of laughing at the obvious targets? *********************************************** When will we stop to listen close enough every year to Migaloo's song to give it its fair and balanced chance at the front page as the one who represents some of the world largest creatures? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? When science proves the chicken and the egg happened simultaniously and yet never before? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? "The un~finned man" has been seen more and more* often coming down into community hunting grounds* Not like the ones who lurk above in the spawning grounds waiting with their harpoon of ethnic cleansing* The unfinned fish who claims we whales must die, becuase it is us who is destroying the fish populaion* He comes in his various shells* Usually with a life line that he projects with from his dimension to ours, He is like a jointed four tentacle octopus* His shells are sometimes machines of his making, and takes them to the furthest depths of the floor* A different, strange human, but still human* Still offers little to no gifts but does seem to hold a true curiosity of knowing the life of the sea* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What you just read is an artist's rendition of the common aquatic debate over the more frequently occuring dives to study marine life over the decades by a potential whale's perspective* Is this what royal ambassador for the edge of the creation of all life's scale of mystickal earthscaping Migaloo may reveal through breaking his langauge codes? Would this reoccurance of aquatic life becoming more and more familiar with unfinned fish sightings more and more frequently be the hypercube equivalence to the shorter and shorter contractions of interdimensional spirals in the skies slipping through to study humans? ************************************************** We as humans have lost our attention to cycles through the introduction of agriculture which began astrological time, which begat a line between nature and intelligence* We hunt and gather to the gun shop to buy sexy hunter clothes to look more dominating in the tallest, truck in the parking lot at the corner store where we've capture the thickest cow meat in a torture chamber after we raised it on the modern feedlot with a diet of chemicals and hormones ideal for breeding the ultimate mutant human , and on the land who's natural species is not an animal that gives you the most precious life force magic healing milk ~ killing it is like killing an animated Heaven on Earth portal* No science, no dictatorship, no military can protect and provide like the magic that tears from the divine udders of a cow* The ancient oils of the Earth that provide endless magic, We cannot replace that which we have spent, as it is a material so precious it takes millions of years, yet the more death worship of burning this sacred alter to lift into the skies is all part of this ritual in being the king of the parking lot, the overlord of all* There is absolute no resistance, no rebellion, no counter party so long as the good 'ole boys rule the land with the moral uperhand that they feast upon this poor excuse for taking from the land in the name of some "GOD"* When completely disengadging his vehicle down to its every nut, bolt, lug is not the fear that he must fear upon putting his pants on one leg at a time every morning* The reader can laugh or comment, but the reader would be subject to terrorism if he where to do such resistance to the terror* ***************************************** The planet sits on the threat of the cycles of the Earth's migration becoming a giant cattle prod of fear into cooridoors of death engadging all species in all habitats that are left into a marketing to replace the lack of bottom line* As the rungs of the ladder slowly disapear the food chain slips into uncharted territories, and thus the slaughterhouses as well* A void must be filled or all wheels will cease! ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? Can Earth patch the holes we've damaged? and can Earth attempt to make peace with the ones we've preserved? Where do we draw the line of preserving the wilderness of the past and the unfolding wilderness of the future? We should not be forced into a contract that states we must pay a tax for Mars to be terraformed and be elluded that is in our intrests and we should never be given an arguement that is above our judgement over common sense that animals are real and we must respect them* We should never trivialize over our differences, and jump to the end of the game and demand our elections be based upon how much each candidate has on the table in evidence for supplying a cleaner planet for the next coming term, not how much each candidate can dig up on the other's environmental death toll of steped on lifeforms on the way to the top and insurance of that position* *********************************************** XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Before i conclude this entry, i must break format* In such notion deeming this the most important blog in >intention< and outside of journalistic guidelines* I have held this blog for almost 5 years, and never once gone on the records here from my personal perspective, but rather from naturalistic observation of my own perspective during awareness sharpening* Observation from a looking inward into the 4th dimension* I have recently shifted continents* For the past 3 years i have written back and forth from two, America and Australia* I now reside permanently in Australia* Therefore i have begun to think quite less about being an ambassador of America in theory and more in practice* I am very taken by the history of "The Duke" and the peace relations between America and Australia through surfing* I am someone who has been very involved in ambassador and leiason relations for about 7 year now with live musical acts, as where i have served as a agent through a radical house venue base* I come from a small town that has several international music ambassadors, and particularly close ties with Japan* And although I have played music and grew up with many of these people, it was only until recently that I became a direct ambassador of peace and outerstanding with some of Japan's most clarvoyant represenatives* This first occured in 2007 when i played with Jason Adjemian's group LAY IT ALL OVER ItS, who's drummer has battled with visas to play and tour in America* We played once upon my turf, and then in theirs of Chicago* It was also in this year that James Beard held residency for nearly a year upon his arrival back in to the states, as he had been giving guided tours at Japanese space camp* My research labratories have been host to some of my home town's most amazing talents leaving their mark* In 2010 I did some anthropological research with the Acid Mother's Temple, and in this year of 2012, I arranged for my agency to give them the guided tour of the official Outerground Railroad sites of Old State Rd. ~ my front yard which holds many aligator mysteries, burned down Satanic church mysteries, Sherman arson trail mysteries, industrialized sacred Cherokee mysteries, and internationally recognized phenomenon mysteries of a bus of children killed by a locomotive crash* The Mothers brought Japan to the ecosphere laylines that dwindle upon the pollution encroaching upon the water supply to kill off all of the aligators food supply by attempting to have human interaction by wrestling an aligator {which failed}* Nonetheless this is direct communication* Last night i saw a Japanese band who has represented their country for almost 2 decades* The Zoobombs where completely funded out of a respect for their music by their supporting tour act* Their music at some point in the middle of their freakouts struck me as relevant in that their sound i felt worthy of the complexity found in James Brown's Soul Train performance in its structure* I then realized the potential influence could actually very likely be derived from friends of mine who strongly champion James Brown not just for his music, but as I and many from my home town of South Carolina, the pride of him being of our state* I realized instantly that there was an extreme relevance of being an ambassador of peace in the need for the circle of energy from audience to musician in clapping and screaming the energy back could not ever become phased out, but only morphed at the minimal* My relations with being a leiason for shows for bands had always stemmed from a need to supply an opportunity for those who usually could not find it, as well as the best to my ability of hospitality out of fear that chivalry was becoming obsolete* I instantly began to think of Migaloo, and the on going wars between Greenpeace, the Sea Shepherd, and Japanese and Australian officials* I also realized this was the first act i had seen from Japan since their recent fate, as well as the world as a living whole's fate, with the reactor disaster brought upon by the tragic quake and tsunami* This all crystalized upon the encore* When the singer made a seemingly strange attempt to make what seemed almost a revealing of weakness for him ~ thus in the nature of continuing the potential magic of that which works within the hypercube, here i reach out to you the reader in the benifit of the doubt you are of intellegence and not of the ilk to mock and laugh at my attempts of sincerity to you yourself alone to an invisible audience in a dark room* Breaking format and speaking openly as a writer to you the reader in hope ~ in spirit of my personal change in becoming a new voice of a southern world ~ In hopes of 2012 being the turning point, our last chance to get our acts together* To make elections based upon the machismo of how much this guy will save Earth over that guy > as politicians dance to your rythem, but the beat must be supplied for the tap dance to commense in full* The singer spoke openly of the relations between Japan and Australia and how they are maybe too shy for Australians, but are overall great people* It is this step of courage that i see is the nessisary step that must be taken as a whole upon the human species* And now from him to me to you, you take this flame and scream it out of a window! For it is a step of reversing the show no weakness, and an action to expose weakness is an action* Inner weakness must heal not just ourselves but the system by reflecting within it the crack that will soon be the dam giving way* Not just any action, but an act of revealing, the true naked beauty of ourselves and therefore, the revealing of how deep the rabbit hole goes, which is absolutely essential for becoming aware of WHAT actually needs to be fixed* To fix the problem you must know the problem, and to know it we must truely work together* It was after this speach that the band kicked back in and proceded to close out with a number by James Brown to reassure my curiosity of why it seemed as if out of a couple hundred people i felt the singer constantly kept looking at me and speaking directly to me, and thus directly to you yourself as well, almost as if i was supposed to be there in order to relay this message of peace back to those who i know and the anons i do not* ****************************************** Lastly i must say upon this blue moon of 2012 i spent much time with James Brown last night in a dream where he taught me many many things*

news about Migaloo}}}}}}}}}}} Ambassador Migaloo NEWS: "He shines like the colour of the moon and leaves an emerald trail of water after him. "He's like an envoy from some other more spiritual world." as two dolphins exoskate his bow

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