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DEFENSE CULTURE Is there a culture that breeds defense and therefore agression? Is it more than a culture and perhaps even an disposition/disorder?
This is a special ELECTION RHETORIC addition disclosure statement,
in what some may value the most important election in American history
for various reasons from as frindged as the current President of the United States is the antichrist who is sent to align the center of the global landmass within Palestine & pave the roads to rebuild such temple unto Solomon ~ to more bottom line end of realities that this is the first completely openly corrupt battle between the haves and the have nots with the secrecy money that flows endlessly into the opposition's superpact*
When we capaign to feed the homeless, with the money to feed them*
This will not be a focus on two candidates, but rather real power that controls over you, your family and friends, and for the most part, everyone on Earth* This is a meditation to focus on you, yourself* He, himself* Her, herself* They their selves*
When something comes to your attention, your mind absorbs the information* Find yourself to agree or disagree with the information? you react accordingly to your personal method of dealing with the information & course of action,
keep it to yourself? you exclaim your self? you write letters to Congress?
however/whatever personally works best for you*
But what does it take for something of which you disagree with to hit home with morals (or lack there of) ?
They say tones resonate?
on for days thereafter though?
When do these topics of discussion touch upon issues that don't wash away? Not with nightly news issues of the following night?
When do we take an issue to the streets and go tell it on the mountain until it is resolved?
What makes someone's skeletal structure crush underneath a tank's wheels?
What strikes nerves? Are you a HAARP?
Does it have to directly affect you?
Or can nerves be touched upon be them rooted in subjects upon which you can soley observe objectively?

Let's consider one of the most fragile of matters becuase it has become one of the most prevelant, the subject of war*
It's easy to have a stance on war, be it for or against* But is it really possible to understand and truely feel engadged emotionally in matters that are foriegn to you? Most countries have views of other countries' history to the length that their country has written history about them, and that written history's availability to their general public* However the present day view of any country is a day to day evolution that could not ever be presented to an individual in full over the narrow window of a news source's spin*
In many cases the rules of engadement for war have been ignited through one side putting the bait out for the enraged country* Such as an abandoned ship to be attacked* An attack on a country can invigorate and polarize an entire nation to retaliate in defense despite potentially having the most narrow view of the country & their culture in which they wish to engadge upon, much less the dynamics behind the often planted dummy target both countries propelled into the publics eye to thus fool the public into giving their support for battle*
Humans have such strong stances on the concepts that matter to them, and the ones they hold dear in particular* So how can they be so persuaded by with so little effort? To some furthest lengths of what they are elluded to believe is protecting these ideals? That may in all reality only be under attack once they agree to fight for them?

Let's look at the social media for a second*
Aside the concept of "slacktavism" in feeling acomplishment under the virtual shade, in its immediate circles of constituency and undescript publics, and even petitioning

outside looking in,
the entire set up for this model is a bit stream of conscience, and leaves a trail of run off to slowly decay over years without any pruning* As if to welcome a symbolic grey matter versus developing a metagarden which grows*
Similar to the naturally unnatural nature of the news which operates a bit more like a addictive drug studieson rats' frontal lobes, or a reality show whimful drama encouragement* One seldom tunes into the media with intrest in learning about a certain topic unless it is twisting the knife that harbours emotions about intuitive holding of dearness*
the news often attempts to cator to those zones and stray from what's happening and lean more towards the entertainmet of what people want to feel*
If someone goes online to find out more, and initiate a deeper intrest in any subject, even if it comes from a news source it is valued as news personal reserach & exterior even*
All too often, News develops a day to day sense of leaning on end & protecting oneself against threats that encroach upon WE, the viewers*
}even the Godfather is best known for his news pressence{
WE the ratings
Though there is a war or wars in countries seperated by vast oceans and do not fight with the advanced technologies of aircraft carriers and jets . . .
viewer feels it important to play along with the excitement and wear the jersey of fear and chant the cries of their people
Its a day to day battle defending theirselves and their country and values, so true
* Driving to the grocery store and walking down the street without harm, you just never know one day, anything could happen ANYTHING!{?something?}
Social media is an organic habitat
Many people can get a more filtered or concentrated news source online* Yet pure forms of potential "truth", we respond to as just that, NEWS, or what is in front of our faces to what ever depths we delve in that dimension* and is, quote unquote "new", even though it goes through a process imagine to be a fish in the sea taking a level of time to finally reach the human who consumes it for diner give or take how it is attained*
know currents and information coexist
In some respects, it would appear as if the human condition was one which seeks the A.D.D. or at least some sort of fix that appeases inner guilt for knowing outright that the world is at its impasse, and therefore the self must show some level of resistance that the self can recognize for its proper satiation brain chemistry to take effect and allow the individual to feel adequete comfort nessisary to sleep at night based on its standards (or void thereof) for reward*
That is in that the lack of continued discourse ends at not bringing these severe matters to the diner table? As human culture evolves more towards abandoning its formal posture and becomes more the intercourse of cuisine in front of the tele,
we also grow into one that is more likely to tune into the times of war as war becomes more and more intigrated into the lives of humans and quite likely to be airing again tonight* In America for example war is the plan B after the football plan A* What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Rich & Famous, ball hard in the East, army of none*
Both football and war are two sides that must defend their goals, where the opposing sides know as much about each other as they can tell theirselves*
rational people
When we go to war, we do not go becuase we spend much time listening to why the other side would like to fight us, or why they would like us to not fight them* Rather we spend much time being persuaded by ourselves, as a coach does to hype us up as to why we are awesome, we deserve what we have, and why we must go out there to defend our legacy*
we are the champions

Beyond our knowledge that billions and trillions and zillions of dollars go into studying exactly how to help prevent the human mind from doing anything but thinking with their wallet, and that if the powers that be could just get the humans to stop reading books, then they are sure to teach their SELVES to become complete idiots . . . Asides this, have we endorced with enthusiams the vehicles that allow us to do the dumbing down for ourselves through channeling ourselves into more and more narrow cooridors? Does social media devices, despite representing the power in the people's hands, all too often invoke more of the same?
warentee covers it
Is more of ourselves talking amongst ourselves, patting ourselves on the back ever so bad? Possibly hearing out devil's advocacy or oppositional refelctions, only from members of our own countries and cultures, never so much the ball in outer courts? What are the actual source's views that we are seemingly so stricken with vigor by?
Understandibly there is of course language and technology barriers, but it doesn't take a conspiring mind to realize that the common human whole, of any country, does not nessisarily reflect the principles upon which two governments' opposition to each other! It just feels like it* That is unless you are a complete fundamentalist who say, could believe that abortion is murder, while your personal faith allots justice of the opponent must perish in eternal hell by being whiped off the face of the earth violently? This is not an attack on any views, just an existing view of attack*
Let's say the human body and spirit cannot fit into the crawlspaces of nightly news straight to your iphone that was sent to you based on the facial recognition camera software that located your pressence in your favorite fast food chain and therefore, your urgent news fixation that you will be chosen to learn is one based upon rising prices at your favorite dining gps plots that you voulenteered to drop pins onto Apple maps to help develop their grid system without getting paid* Let's say you're the individual who deserves more than knowing much much more about what you already know, and that such imploding fractaling nature of reafirming why you need more of what you already have is in fact the opposite of news and research and the exploitation of your personalized stereotype and an outright brainwashing you with your own indulgences that you would therefore obviously be subject to be weakened unto*
Surely we need this future direction? This future of attaining news, is as well the future method of attaining information of you BY the news in attempting to be entertaining enough to win over your attention in total defense to keep you so that they can keep their job*

But the focus of this meditation is not to do with the current inadequacies of developing future shock's unfolding* Rather, a drawing into the experimental nature of human on human violence during situations where everyone is stuck within the cooridors* When the veil is too thin, when the crops do not yield as they once did, when all is uncertain, and all are in the same boat upon the freezing waters watching the Titanic sink* When everyone is disempowered by too much corruption for lawyers and judges to ever get around to any of the cases in a century*
Much less through them
These are the times in which cold blooded murder can take place*
When noone can tell who's the good guys and who's the bad guys becuase everyone is too busy being angry as to why they where ripped off, yet too busy plotting who to rip off and how*
The court of Mars
When you stand in defense to the judge in voice of preventing a decision to destroy the humans for their obsession to cut down the tree to attain its materials to a fake tree*
These are the times when if all where to tip drastickally in the wrong direction, cannibalism is obviously not the best case senario, but surely not the worst* That is not a moral stance, but rather a baramoter for how unfathomable situations of a great domino geometry that could decend* Although despite this spiralling senario remaining a constant Hollywood selling point for years on end many would confidently shrug this top seller obsession off as ridiculous* Even while they live next to someone who's been secretly stealing from them for years and wouldn't hesitate to feed their children with your meat if coorperate agro_culture did their family in and they had no other options under the will of the contracts that the cooperate gods impliment, shaking their shadowy curtains!

A democratic represenative recently said reguarding questions as to
? WHY ?
why on Earth of all times
Why NOW? would a republican party put together an alliance of people who back a subject as touchy as redefining what consitutes as rape? She explained it is in these times that all people of all walks are experiencing so much trama on many levels and become completely powerless that allows forth opportunities to be attacked right inside their own uterus*
Is a group of fundamentalists that represent half of the American culture
Taking an agressive stance for making rape extremely loose, and essentially as a byproduct, more acceptable after such laws are instigated* Is it really that much different morally speaking than passing legislation to provide for your family by eating your wife instead of violently raping her? If there was an underlying life to save through cannibalism?
Out of every single thing that the imagination could yeild, even through the rigid interpretations of Biblical readings, it might be hard to EVER come across something as complicated and convoluted comig forth from the human spirit by natural will of an individual in a room unihibited by influence*
IF it did, we as a society would perhaps have them under the spot light of a completely psychopathic metally ill crazed person who would easily harm women and children*
Yet, this is at the heart of this current election*
It rests in defense to make this not become a reality on one half, and to make it become a reality out of defense of moral value on the other* Yet, you as a reader may even find it difficult to think of a single person in your entire life who might think this is practical thinking on any level?
Are our minds learning to evolve to defend themselves from global human insanity?

Defense culture
The defense is where you are wanted to be held at bay*
Becuase it is on the defense that you can not score offense*
Think for a second . . .
Why is it that it is a commonality that bosses are muther fuckers? This is not true for ALL bosses of course, but it IS general sentiment* Bosses need you at their whim kissing up to them* They need to know you need their money, and they need you to NEED, period* The dog does not attack, the bear does not charge the powerful standing strong*
meditation, be here now
breathe, stand talk, focus
Rather the bull charges the weak that runs*
When you're down you're going to expect to get further down* When you're shoes aren't shined, you will not only be fined, but someone else will get the job in your place, and thus you will not have the money to shine your shoes* When you're shoes lose their soul, you will be fired, and so on and so on*
But the boss admires that your compliments on the defense while ignoring the shoes shined in compliance, becuase the boss needs to feel better about life becuase the boss's boss is the source of intimidation tactics that trickle down in blowing off steam to you the employee that lives strung along by the bait of paychecks*
You as an employee become quite clear, that without a paycheck you do not need the boss, and if you do not need the boss you do not need to make the boss happy by making the boss look good* Then your life wouldn't be ailed by this human*
It is dire that understand your place in the universe, as it is your role in your direct environment, and work is a boat that helps you sail across space*
It is less about making the boss look good for the boss's sake, and more becuase that is the boss's job for the boss's boss* Even the boss's boss lives in defense, and even THE MAN is in defense to the government and the IRS or other forces* Although this all becomes quite complicated in the respects that coorperation gods help dictate government and law and therefore help sculpt the moral of the masses* The CEO is not the product designer, so the premis behind the bottom line is not rooted in the mass's well being*
Who's who's bitch is the state of too many governments and their tiers of corruption and carnage of destroyed communities in unbroadcast shredded news articles*
We have a greater sphere of defense that encompasses almost everyone and everything* In fact it is as much a complete metasphere of mirroring world of metafear as we allow it be*
A perfect formula to lose complete sight and insights to absolutely everything, making an entire world structure fall apart by a simple consensus of masses sick and tired of being too nig fr their self designed cages* Through the voice of utilizing internets and various technologies of today with intellects instead of reactionary impulse and need for fixations, there is an alterate destiny*
Noone wants to be a smart ass, to bear witness, to stand up and preach*
i as a writer only profess what my hands type before my eyes closed tightly*
Yet a preacher is a go getter who reaches for the cake?
What is it about the person who strives quite hard to put on a robe, or dress if you will* What is it that makes them desire that? Or are they blind to their exterior due to their upholding views?
Would it be crazy to say that their are no preachers, or judges, or politicians at all who desire ultimate power?
Do two politicians not battle in debate becuase they are deuling to a sort of death or defense against a preventing of certain death?
In fact how likely could it be that anywone could NOT be a power or money rooted individual of some unhealthy level at some point and still be considered HUMAN?
Making people their victoms with eyes closed?
This broth tastes delightful, what child died to make it?
Whether they did this knowingly is perhaps doubtful? but its safe to say that everyone wants to feel on top or together at some point in their life, even if the method is through complete loss of the ego in meditative isolation? How do we clarify IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT?
Is it safe to say that you as a reader could consider that every single person who has ever sat in a church has at least once in their lives questioned a preacher's interpretation of scripture at least once in their lives? Yet kept it in their heads silently out of respect of their ignorance, thus stayed on the recieving end? Potentially causing great harm to one or many in that silence by allowing a seed of falseness to sprout and grow into a tree of deception, or forest even?
Or that those same people have possibly never once in their lives questioned the integrity of their dentist or doctor's abilities in their visits despite the fact that everyone has bad days? Some just happen to occur when doctors are so fatigued that they have (and they have over and over) amputated the wrong leg becuase the trickle down responsibilty of the paperwork passes the buck despite the fact one leg was green with rot? Sorcery in West Africa is all so similar when wielding the power of welding holds the people in defense to the sculpting of metal, as does the dentist who is paid thousands to simply learn a craft of put a power drill to your tooth*
The reconstructive penny of your vanity spins the blade just a little deeper in your side along to the tune of secret skills for replacing all secret trade skills altogether under the alter of the cooperate god's affordable enterluckyprize winner culture*
In a reverse light those oh so trusting people that represent the masses feel some level of ease in screaming at the top of their lungs along with thousands towards a referee who makes bad judgement calls?
And can this change?
Yes, anything can and will change*
And it does
But not nessisarily for any better*
In fact it is usually the people who finally speak up who are the ones who see corruption from their own corrupt eyes, and therefore see an institution in which they can overcome and corrupt to their own tune, as has happened recently with a conservative republican party, which has taken the concept of a conservative agenda so far right that there is no room for Christianity any more becuase aa Mormon candidate provides just that much more finacial relevance*
But what humane conversation is there to their party's voters of this corruption that isn't welcome without either closed doors upon polarized principles or defensive acrobatics of justifying to the self and the open? Why is it SO difficult to say, make one of the conservative core who has signed on to the paper work for passing bills that reexamine the values of what constitute as rape, to cross the floor? At least in shame or just general compassion for the teenage victom of a crazed man's actions?
Even if their religious stance had become so comprimised that they truely believed that this man should not be incarcirated, why is it so much to ask for them to just simply stop going through the rings of fire nessisary to convince the media, and to admit this poor girl should be given basic human emotional support? And this girl should be at least given the support of her sanity by politicians period, and not spoken of as cattle's fate in a slaughterhouse above her head as if she doesn't understand English, and she doesn't know what's good for her and her baby and her own body?
Let me say that I the writer feel that is a beautiful thing that America has come so far to have a Black former Muslim president who beat out a campaign that involved a woman and now runs against a Mormon* This is the America in action that has been all theory until the present, and this is in no way a religious meditation*
Outside Earth, looking in religion as a whole tastes of endless blood and corruption on their hands in their never ending attempt to put a wedge in the door of merging church and state to gain COMPLETE leverage out of whatever fears their preachers of the day have spun to whirl the masses into the vortexes of havoc and maelstrom they so desire* Why would now be any less entertaining?
This meditation is about the constant mutation of what is humane that grows the gap further from what humans once upheld as sanity every year, as the former standard dwindles closer to extinction*
classism is a simple as how you hold your glass, yet they don't teach you in class, nor do they teach you how to survive being attacked by cannibals, rather they teach you how to lay with your head to the wall with your hands protecting your skull*
The last generations' fears are today's apathy, and therefore this paves a road for tommorows genocide of the mind*
The children of today don't need a generation of adults feeling disempowered* Not in the moment that the means of empowerment are finally in their hands with a touchscreen
:( :)
you laugh you'll cry
Even if the worst imaginable legislation is passed and all hope is gone, there is still time to be yourself and act out your fantasies for what you want your life to be like, and given the present day, a great chance exists you actually find this someone who complies with such models in every country all over the world!
A political party for the first time in history can have a live video conference from all 7 continents, so its no suprise that at the same time, some of the most dark age concepts would surface to be the contemporary dungeon enslavement ideologies we must in turn face, since the ones who wish to enslave you are the most dead set gaining their foothold*
Politics is an arena where all have gotten up the road ahead of you in utilizing their orginazation skills to put together their twisted technology aided alliances of instigating their views to be forced upon you* You apoint these people as a citizen even if you don't* These are the people that will never see you to know if their shoes are shined or scuffed, and you can only hope the media is getting this information for you* Unfortunately the media is at the political games' illusions' will*
Think about this for a second,
now far into where this meditation tells you everything you already know like rain falling faster in every second you reach out to the water falling to you*
The reason that these out right atrocities to the human spirit's demise are now in bold print instead of in the secrecy of private diners is both due to the people who wish to enslave you now have bound together with such bond of the psychic in the moment internet line of nowness, that they can know theirselves and come to the table wide open with the confidence of their infastructures through and through in a way never before known fire and brim stone

This is not to give any praise to an Obama or a Romney administration's uperground* Neither is innocent of doing ONLY everything they can to make your life heaven on Earth* This is all about the direct influence of you, and how you can bring direct government into play in your lifetime*Bring your life into your life, and live your life* If "WE ARE THE PEOPLE", then "WE" animate ourselves and take the our cake! Not running to battle after an invigorating motivation speach, but glazing over dead from our most outer reachable environment into your center and then igniting in flames and rising out of yourself a new environment that grows with the most potent of electricties and saturated of minerals in blindind helix fires of heaven*

To end our walk across space, let's look a little closer at what happens with Defense*
Let's take the example of the day* Seeing as this question of handling women's issues does still stand tall at the core of suspicious political prowess in global news reguarding this pending campaign quickly reaching its final curtain call*
We have a situation where across the planet, the same sort of antics that can be found in the political systems of the American mass hypnosis reguarded as FOX entertainment news, a rampid running tabloid platform for conservative news' overlord Rupert Murdoch's home of Australia*
Methods of giving you botched facts and exagerated illusions known to millions, yet constantly alloud to broadcast the War of the Worlds every day, every hour becuase the viewer wills their soul to be swept away to the alter of this satalite transmission's vortex*
The news sources which can so often be seen valuing educational institutions as liberal brainwashing machines* To combat their views for education systems being anything but, you are only arguing a point of your own to them and thus you will only remain on the defense*
Praise the host, for he has assumed the role of self apointed boss, you will only treat him as your boss*
You will never get to the bottom of the fact that such media are SO false in their reportings that educational instituations will not ALLOW them to be cited source material* Forcing them out is on paper written to read as a brainwashing science*
Thus they paint educational institutions in theirs way soley becuase they attack the people who refuse to endorce them, in attempts to make the institutions play to them once again as their boss or else*
as does anything a fraction as menevolent as something that makes its money off of invoking fears within the heart of your dear old grandmother through exploiting things she holds dear* This is not to exclude you, your friends, and your family from being exploited of course*
Sign up for our newsletter is an entry level employee behavoir you are welcome
In the recent weeks there has been a massive move of offense against this standing, and more specific, towards the stance's general disresepct for women as equal respectable individuals*
Alan Jones, the Australia equivalent of a Rush or Glen Beck, has had almost all of his sponsorship pull out, down to Mercedes claiming they will repo his car if he does not return it for comments that he has made about women*
Rush, and Beck, Savage and whomever have also been in quite the similar boat all too many times* Only showing a tap dance of shame here and there for the PR of the station*
only doing my job sir
The listeners of this show's defense is as pethetic as abiding by the radio commentators views to sculpt what a good member of their party represents, and if you stray from the regimented line you are valued weak, or more so a lunatic, or a total pussy, and an absolute overall complete blacklisted idiot*
The type of fear tactics to develop defense that you find in children, not the more evolved sinister mind games such as those of a Stalin* So altogether the methodology of creating the defense is insulting the to listeners' intellegence*
Suprisingly, a success of sponsors pulling out went on, despite Alan Jone's popularity resurging after people forget in similar instances in the past*
Shortly after this occurance, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard struck Tony Abbot (the face of the oposition) with an exposing of a string of events rooted in sexism throughout his term that have been directed at her*
The oration was executed quite well, and seemed rehersed for quite sometime* This could be the case, as the fact of the timing was everything* Had she made such exclations of her being offended over his dealings of politcal game to be revolting and over a long string of time in a moment upon which women seemed down and out, it would have seemed as defensive manuveur*
However giving the timing of women being up in the ring of political representation, the strong blow was a complete knock out offense, and was again executed so well that it instantly went viral on a global scale* In fact, it was the type of eye opening suprise that people love to wake up to*
It is important to know what your stance on issues in life are* To not be completely seduced by the money of campaigns and the hot button issues' fluxuation that are lobbied enough to battle for news time* It is important to know that even now directly after the 3rd debates are over, you can still make efforts to change the debates due to modern empowerment*
You don't have to buy into the campaign of wanting more jobs if what you really want is to not have to work more to survive in an environment of constant inflation based upon cooperate god's monopoly over every and all products where all mom and pops have become extinct*
It is important to research and learn about economics of everything outside of their systems and to know how the environment is valued as an abstract outside irrelevance to the "science" of economics* Realize you are of the enviornment and learn your local role in your immediate environment* Recogize if you are passionate about issues that actually even effect you, or if you've found yourself wrapped up in the campaign you can only know as much about as you can be pitched to* Are you making any orientation of offense in winning your dreams in life? Becuase if you do not make headway in life to see the things you want to see happen, then you can never be of your dreams and only remain angered by the things you want to NOT see happen*
You cannot call up and complain to just any politician, you maybe even see voting completely futile, but you CAN write and attempt to get into the heads of people and politicians you know and that you don't* To be specific, to write a single clear short and simple message, and what exactly in the physical plane can be done for the politician to become more aware of your cause, and the next level of action they can take
Without long emotive attack, but rather with direct clarity, and to stay on it*
To take the politician by the hand who is at the lower level and attempt to help sculpt their career in working for you to help them understand THEIR role in sharing and influencing YOUR environnment to help them realize that they are actually a part of it, and therefore when they pass a bill to allow run off into your creek, they are as well running off into their own and poisoning themselves and their family* Before things get further out of hand and you can only write to them as a fan letter of their Presidency*

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