Tuesday, August 26, 2008


lights out

space weather
ebonzamavast sungondooralore
unilluminouio fuanandfloralast
light absense invokes onward growth*
evolutionary paths can be tracked
to seeking light in its fualtering*
Estrange plants and animals behavoir
during all endarkening ecliptic zenieth,
human struggle to stay afloat unto
high dollar power bill resessions,
riotings over induced power outage
by dark calls from high up places,
creatures trapped in newclear cellars,
night erased from gradiouso supernova
or polar shifts filling earth's day
and night forever long and alit with auroa!
man's ventures below surfaces are to seek
brightest light ~ checking under rocks ~
molten core amidst illuminescent species,
unknown souls from foriegn lands across
quiet rooms' confienment to intrest net grids,
or even be it finding angels on our moon
all these great frontiers ~ and yet
there is forever through our history a
venture to achieve a 4th dimension state
to find a place in outerest darkeness
a place outside of time's endarkenment
and forever light is residing eternally
against physics limitations to burn out!

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