Saturday, December 6, 2008


studies into female eyesight
show they have a broader &
more sensetive sense for colour
over male species ~ a female
mind is also designed for great
multi~tasking abilities where it
is more natural to do creative
deeds, observe exterior worlds,
and uphold conversatezion all
in simultanious harmony !!!!!!!!
as science quickly makes male
species a somewhat irrelevant
counterpart ~ and female rate
slowly begins to outgrow male
numbers ~ it can be said Earth's
future can be one much more
prone towards more colourful
outcomes in an optional array*
optic sensory is not all which
such is limited to however, for
female hearing and touching is
also much more hightened too!
~intuition & chakra frequencies ~
if Earth would go on to become
a better place, would there be any
need for alpha bull male's driving
pollinating sweat over her quivering
body, or will science develop such
a creature as it has made telescopic
needs to outway human relevances
altogether whatsoever forever&ever?
Such a world would seem to be only
BLUE for some beautiful and hungry!

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