Thursday, January 13, 2011


dear Barack Obama,

"Will you take DMT and profess your experiences
to the mass public for the good of mankind?"


I suggest that one of the more noble acts that
the President of the United States could do, is
to assure himself and his place in the cosmos*

Enlighten the public of this partaking beforehand,
explaining relevance of this particular molecule,
afterwards sharing in a life changing address, not
just for himself but for all history's conscienceness*

Obviously this could be quite extreme on his soul,
being the man of scrutiny bearing the psychic eyes
of most all of the western world frontier and more*
Perhaps he will not achieve enlightenment, much
less become the feathered rainbow serpent, however
{given that he has not already been administered
as an initiation ritual into the Presidency already}
any effort of the nature upon his behalf would give
the perils of war and peace new perspective of some
place for humans in the emanate future complexities*
That is a place that lends its branches from the great
tree of time to climb in prospect for upward growth
and without question* Up up and away and far away!
Far from the place of separation from the dreams,
and deep into the mind to find the self is right here
and that is where the dream begins* It is with you*
And if you can know where to go and find yourself,
you can then take that self up, fly with the wind and

Barack Obama, it would be your greatest speech,
if not THE greatest address of all humanity yet!
And if you get this message, you can thank THEM*

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