Thursday, March 3, 2011


how dangerous is apathy?
how dangerous is letting time go by?
how dangerous is anti~social self absorbtion?
how dangerous is it to be affraid to be unserious?


a common tale is that
things was way better way back when . . .
even if it is just simply not true

so often
elder generations under~values
the sounds & sights of the times
but is there any truth in all this?


the current generation come of age
bar regulars in their mid twenties
are the generation that one day all
c o m p l e t e l y ~)}0{(~ v a n i s h e d

one day there was basketball & skateboarding,
then along came the seed of instant messages*
so indoors went the children to play together
and now, dominating time, space, & our calling
these seeds have grown global network jungles!

the youth of today
have opportunities
like none other ever

chances to grow up with music videos
not only of their own generation, but
rather from over half a century of pop

and outside of the monoculture laptops
issued out to newly discovered lifeforms,

what of the children amongst poverty
or the energetic restless agnst children?

if the mood stablizer pill was not an option,
would there be anything of pasttime to partake?
would there be any cartoons on Saterday mornings?
would there be any real hand drawn animations???
would there be places to walk without security???
would there be other children outdoors to meet???
would there be a place of leisure for escape???
would there be an arcade at the shopping mall???
would there be any encouragment to become lost???
would there be any chance to ever become lost???
would there be actual books made out of paper???
would there be any freedom from commercials???
would there be an encouragment to not buy in???
would there be a rule of thumb you must join???
would there be a standard to be transparent???

speaking out to the world makes ripples
beyond blogging, beyond text obsessions
beyond one liners of C.I.A.'s faithbeasts
existing in the real time physical public
will make tidal waves of social changes
today's youth need more than the provided
playgrounds at a local drive~in resteraunt
this is not a debate of whether the sound
quality of sample rates in digital files
fails in comparison to yesteryears' media*
This is a question of are you buying into
the feedlot that destroys all your options
And are you building tommorow's wells to
bring forth the crystal clarity of tommorow's
disasters, when the youth will be ready to
pick up the sword and avenge their village?
What will be the purity that they will intake?

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