Sunday, May 15, 2011



JPL assures us that there absolutely without the shadow of a doubt, not even wthin a paralyptical revolution could it even be possible that there be a global culture to hath arisen. There's no contracting industries increasing earthly contractions and escalating mass species into the red, devouring all habitat in its path, there is no technologic fractal rate in coordinace to the golden mean, which mines the planet to its death and rebearth, nor is there a rumored internet communication network designed that billions of people use,nor have we some military industrial complex v.i.p. choice members black card gratuity taxing on the human race, there's no Jet Propulsion Labratories and there's no Jack Parsons and there's no interview happening here, minorities & women haven't fought and overcome with their voices and children havn't been forced upon medicatications to combat seisure toys ending in a child labour career in oblivion from bearth, and this curved outcome of our future doctors, lawyers, & firefighters its definately never out of parent's inferiority gates locking their children away for being so much more smart than themselves or any other generation worth billions of years in atomic memory at crossroads of destiny, and these crossroads are definately not a stargate of your mind's eye rendered useless as a tumblweed's sigh before the laylines of all uncertainty within the quantum molecular infastructure's own curiosity of its own curiosity beginning to collapse in on itself like a reverse big bang, there's no planet in peril, it isn't aflame in some wave of revolt agaisnt shadowy dark fists of wrathful puppetry everywhere you look, this has happened every single day ever since history was written. All of your leaders know exactly what they are doing, and there's no way there could be such a thing as this GPS conspiracy that the entire globe & supposedly other planets are all suddenly mapped out completely, & all this jazz about people have microchips on there person at all times through some sorta telecommunicator touch screen Star Trek like telephones ~ no, none of these senarios have evidence, you can't even see the solar maximum radiation from the flare ejecta winds, its not even a possibility until there is an equation to start from. And where is this equation? I don't see one, so there is none. Do you see an equation? No. You don't. So all this smoke and mirrors about parallusionystickal orbits mumble bubble lala land Simarian Somer Atlantis Deludge Smayloodje newly found scrolls jumbled jaws of satan speaking the whispered snaked tongue of falsely higher attained consciencenesses ? ? ? ? ? is all gonna be over and done with when the new long count calendar and the world rolls over and we all just go right back to work the next morning on December 22nd 2012}}}}}}yawn{{{{{{{{ there's not gonna be any Leviathon that rises from the sea and cleanses the land, and there are some sort of supposed psi grid phone books carbon dated to be older than the Earth itself that open and speak to your nervous system through a series of micro~second flashes invisible to the naked eye, discovered within caves which arose from the great earthquake that fell upon the solar eclipse, but it has yet to be verified as authentic by any priests, and truthfully there are not actually ANY scientific anythings to have yet to provide any sorts of evidences, nor proven facts or data of any kind since we humans have been alive, much less these supposed : theories, so there's no chance we could have successfully ever come into existance or reality since the future has no end, and it, as well as the past and the present havn't ever really been detected yet by any instruments ~ reguardless what the internet says. It's all quite perposterous really so go to bed. Go to bed. Go to bed. Sleep now. You are now off to sleep. Sleep. . . you are now dreaming . . . sleeping . . . you are going to rub two sticks together to get some smoke signals going ~ people need to know the truths! Go tell it on the mountain! You are using your mind to see that the Mayan calendar souvanir shop is just ending its long count buisness calendar and will go out of buisness forever, board up the shop. Do not inquire what the final cycle of the long count means and celebrate Christmas when you worship with Jesus. You are now fast asleep and God is your savior. You can feel your soul in the light of truth can't you? Yes you can. Say you can out loud. Earth is even possibly much more flat than it has ever been thought before ~ but the cosmic bible will be the key to your heart unlocking all space and time passwords reveal these to us now, give all access finacial accounts do it. Say them out loud slowly. Do not hesitate, speak slow and clear your dna helix read out charts. Do not attempt to go outside and look up at the sky, if you do the shell of our vortex's defense force treaty with the plasma beings may be ruptured. It is fragile. Life is fragile. Existance is fragile. Eternity is fragile. You are an embryonic stage species of spiritual evolution in your soul's quest as individuals and as a whole, and will incarnate to higher tiers after you begin to strip your human awareness of everything material, now, now in time, now us here in the present, there is no chance in hell that we are beginning to leave the fourth dimension of space time just becuase we are now aware of it, and somehow through peace and harmony travel into the 5th dimension without an equation to show how we're doing it. There are no collisions occuring of landmarks in time's origin, and there are no evidences of brand new states of matter being formed as electrons have begun to behave in a dance patterning scientists have yet seen since known history. Look away. Look further into your dreams. Believe your heart. You know that there is no way that in human kind's vision for Revelations, no phenomenal homo erectus missing link, nor wingedsky people inner breeding that could have ever been advanced beyond the wheel statistics say. There is only Venus, pray to Venus and she will show you the light. Stare into the sun. Stare. Go blind. . . take enough time to see the light of the sun eating away your vision. Become Galileo. Become blind as did he with his mathmatickal transfigurings. His mapping the first data of our mother star. We have held accurate records of solar activity since he gave his sight for art. Become his passion and see the darkness of space. There have been no record level solar flares nor out of season solar flares nor any solar flares or storms or volcanos or earthquakes of any kind detectable by our standard equipment whatsoever. There's completely no satellite reliance in society, there's no shuttles and space station sci fi movie stuff, the one thing that assures this is all very much the case is that we all knew exactly why we had to be at war and held together so strong through the power and light from the great truth that if we could just keep fighting to sacrifice off enough people with the longest war in history, then Quetzacotal wouldn't show up to collect all the sinners and take 'em to Hell like the Bible says. Now. Now you see. Now you see the nothing that is truth. Free yourself in the knowing that the truth shall set you free. You are free. Free. Awake. You now do not know who you are. You may be free to choose for yourself now and live free from the chains of your own identity's ghost illusion selves. Be free run, run into you never ending sunset of grandiose dessert finish-line light trophy held up at the end of a crowd hysterickal chasing balloons mass riot paused frozen fireworks flickering within the time tunnel spiralling backwards and in on itself back to when it all began.

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