Saturday, May 21, 2011



morality in it's pure form
is a spectrum as broad as
every human's dna helixes*

morality in public's eye
is a rally cap protesting
that may require riot cops

morality in sedition is a lost
cause between preaching to the
choir and lost in translations

as to why whomever may be opposed
to robots, or robots in space even
is as moral to the robot as it has
been programmed as far as we know*
Note however, that if there exist
supposed alien for lack of better
term, more applicable to classify
accounts as inter~diemnsional or
extra~galactic beings so spoken of
by all from Major Ed Dames, to the
Russian astronauts, to the Unarians*
We do know for certain that human
integrity will not uphold a standing
message of peace whether or not the
human feels this with all of their
soul* The human essence will be an
algorithm that runs and is recorded
in coorespondance to suggested idea
brought upon by the astral traveller,
and therefore will read out as data
revealing the horrors that are the
unstable creatures we call "humans"*
Truth may set us free, but is not in
the intrest of interstellar relations*

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