Thursday, July 14, 2011



* "sun" *
theory of /pop culture/ relativity

using various cycles as a gadge
for change in social consciousness
has helped me pinpoint the birth
and death of many a wave come & go
12345 in sequential order 54321

why is this important?
why are 7 billion humans important?!

}}}}}}}}} = naturally occuring
^^^^^^^^^ = diagnosed/modern society
+++++++++ = relevance factors

keep in mind much pop culture marketing
is targeted to the most impressionable
years in a childs life > when they are
a 14 year old white girl & when they are
a romantic late teen/early 20's scholar
and if you do not relate, please remember,
this is provided for entertainment purposes

}}}}}}Moon & Mania / Men & Women
every 28 days ~ wax/wane/full/new
++++++ tired of old songs on radio
and ready for new songs to come out
}}}}}}Blue Moon every 13 months
++++++clear distance from year prior
^^^^^bi~polar 2 years give or take
++++++alpha omega back to square one
hand has been played/back to the lab
^^^^^1/2 way point for "decade of..."
++++++tipping point from raw to glam
~new faces become legends in the game
}}}}}}}DNA > cellular memory{{{{{{
after 7 years, the initial feeling
has left the body, as it is completely
renewed, all is left is toxic residue
+++++++completely detatched to old ways
the old sounds become almost new again
this is the now time retro/out of sight
}}}}}}}11 year "solar cycle" /sun spots
completely new way from 11 years prior
+++++++++officially a different culture
OR new level of beuracracy over the last
this is openly retro yet still too much
of a vague familiarness to be marketed
^^^^^^^^12 year chinese zodiac cycle^^
++++++++alpha omega of your bearth date
^^^^^^^13 year lucky/unlucky cycle{{{{
++++++++ blurr laylines of the old & new
^^^^^^^15 year obvious number cycle{{{
++++++++not quite 20 years, but a landmark
figure which enforces the "i can't believe
its been 15 year since . . . " comment
^^^^^^^18 year ~ 3 "6's" cusp line ^^^^
++++++++when the experts of how waves
work / that foresee the coming resurgence
in familiar sounds from yesteryear begin
making deals to buy old sounds for reissue
in the coming several years ahead ??????
^^^^^^^20 year cultural amnesia/nostagia
+++++++where the mother says "this was a
song that was big when i was your age"
and fails to realize its a ploy to market
a song to all $$$$ angles of the family
}}}}}}}22 year "sun cycle" {{{{{{{{{{
++++++++++where what's popular in malls
is all based upon taking cues from just
over the brink of intimate connection,
& in the warmest area of intimate oblivion
"getting lost in the music/look/feeling"
^^^^^^^23 year illuminati secret cycle^^^
^^^^^^^24 double chinese zodiac cycle^^^
+++++++like two fortunes in one cookie++
^^^^^^^25 quarter century wisdom cycle^^
and so on and so into infinity we age . . .
more cycles 33,44,55,66,77,88, ect.,

the mayan calendar as well has helped
greatly in predicting major world events,
this post is created during the 7th day
"bliss period", which is at the end of
the current cycle* Cycles are expontially
shorter than the last, and the current one
is the first to be so short that humans
could live through the entirity of one*
At the end of the year 2011, the 7th day
will end, & we will go through the entire
1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th day/night & then
once again the 7th day {no night} over
the course of less than one year, thus
ending on 12/21/2012 closing out our time*

"we think on the opposite side of time"


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