Saturday, December 17, 2011


this is a special follow up report
diagnosis state of the human race

at the beginning of the year we reported
a consideration for the human condition ~
since then the world has joined in on a
global resistance centered around pressence*
}presenting human bodies into the eyes of
that which they deem to be the enslaving{

What is viewed by our telescopes appears
to read as "occupy" and challenges those
establishments whom set up shop in a myriad
of unethical approaches to how they conduct
their business* The idea of theory and
various theories as to how one could
dismantle systems is a beautiful energy
that lives within the minds of many as
thriving an entity as any providing species*

The chemical changes that occur in
the brain when an eye opening idea
crosses it's wires is enough to
spark the innovation needed to come
up with the next brain child which
will exhale the light of life that
the sparking concept allowed forth
to be inhaled* Theories are seeds
and some will sprout, if they are
guarded with much care & consideration
in the right climate they will fruit*
The act of theorists whom occupy can
allow for much more rapid escalation
towards the the beanstalk ideas to
be proposed to the right ears & minds
allowing for ends to be met & allow
opportunities for the right accesories
to be outsourced, and ideally giving
the seeds of a *future~now* the proper
utensils for creating a garden of all
encompassing thought to reach vines
to the heavens, and climb into the
giant's penthouse & booby trap the
v*i*p* party and take it over* But
something is not being addressed here*

Something still lies at the root of
the human race's priorities no matter
which side of the occupation they lie*

Weather you camp in the cold of night
outside of the great skyscrapers that
the working humans have paid much of
their wages to construct off the backs
of hard laboring humans ~ or the clean
and comfortable cubicle occupation of
killing time with an eternally empty
in~box spinning in circles for kicks
looking down at the sitting duck front
line forcefully presenting themselves*
}or any other non linear lines of
transits & discourse & absent existace{
no matter the situation or occupation,
the human race is still deeply involved
in almost a romantic way to the tie of
chance & prediction that skates the
definition of superstitions* The feather
dumbo believes is imperative for flight*
This is not referring to a faith belief
system, but rather unaddressed faiths
in systems of the unpredictable* Systems
that may not even be systems, but if
so could in time be unraveled, but as
far as the current technologies that
are allotted to the mass public, very
much out of scientific reach* Systems
that hang onto 21st century's vessel
as elderly 20th century barnacle wisdom*

They stem from true psychic knacks, and
well studied speculation almanacs, but
have somehow embedded themselves into
habitual hungers for comforting pho~
knowledge to help ease the human race's
gaping hole of uncertainty which is for
the most part brought upon by the sheer
uncertainty of their seemingly misplaced
plot in space time & the eternal quest
for answers to our origin & afterlife*
Like a cigarette to calm the nerves as
to why a Jesus has yet to come save us
from this threshold of Earth's tolerance,
like a cup of coffee to help get on track
with the day and not dwell upon the trival,
like a hole ripped in the very collective
human body's soul which takes eons to
slowly close back up, but feels good
to just fill with old anything to help
ignore its presence for another day* And
the existence of the temporary ailments
can often be rooted in lack of confidence
which is connected with the pros & cons
of all sides towards the occupation*
As much as there are roles in life to
play, and sacred knowledges to be attained
and reworked into the present text of
our great narrative ~ capitalism {which
is at the heart that the root of all
evil pumps to and fro} forces a great
{possibly 99?} percent of expertise to
be horded by the paycheck intensives of
the specialists which have the knowledge*
Everything from basket weaving, to dance
instructions, to health & medicine, to
understanding of rhythm,to proper diets,
to ways to live efficiently, the lists
are never ending ~ and in the same token
~ capitalist game board constructs to
how the human race operates in reguards
to all which should be free, yet respected
appropriately as knowledges & teachings
{and thus respect for those who share
such informations} ~ the human race's
disposition towards all these well worked
for "roles" in society as the endless realm
of specialists of every subject immagined
> is to sign on with a good core & sit
patiently until orders are given, which
is deemed by the in~box which is once
again, stemmed from this need for humans
to know the answers to what they already
know, the need for help in something they
feel uneasy without the reassurance of by
way an upheld "expert" which so often is
due to the construct, and overworked and
under practiced individual whom was either
someone forced into deciding some way to
bring home the bacon & does this with
little passion for the art, & more so for
the pride of their labor & self worth ~
or an individual who took a life path
that was close to that of an arranged
marriage, where much pressure was put
upon the indiviual by family or other
stress of "being somebody" . . . . .

But what exactly is it? What is it that
makes us tick with such lack of confidence
that we could give diagnosis for any
and everything? Some people do not have
the slightest as to how a car engine
works, or how wires are spliced together,
or how to give birth, or where to hunt,
or when to look, or what their looking
for, or why they should look to begin
with* But be the system of a human race's
present day constructs of capital gain
towards eating the next dog follow the
clues system of entropy & future broking
to disappear suddenly, there would only
be a matter of days before the humans
started to hear their minds come to
decide for itself, as there would be
no donuts to appease the curiosity of
their deliciousness unless they where
made from scratch* There would be no
alcohol to calm the nerves unless it
was brewed from a known source* There
would be no weather man to point at a
blank screen upon which the human race
would base their entire day around; a
casino gamble everyday based upon data
that is supportive, but never once is
reliable* Not even had we developed a
time machine could we guarantee the
prediction of how clouds form in the
sky according to theories of paradox
and time divergence* Yet over & over
we ask an expert to point to a blank
wall in an entertaining fashion to give
us guidance, and time after time we tend
to agree with vigor the individual is never
correct* Hording said to be pressing info,
to be presented at the time of beamed
into broken~community separated homes via
satellite transmission* Even in a time when
there are lenses monitoring every plot of
physical earth's surface & the airforce
engages in a cornucopia of weather based
experiments, we as humans not only put
more stock in what the screen says
rather than going outside to judge for
ourselves, but many of human grow towards
this in their old age, waking up earlier
to settle into a rocking chair and watch
the weather channel & now purchase the ap*

No matter the occupation, the occupant
of the skyscraper office looking down
on the protesting financial tyranny in
an encampment looking upward at the glass
and steel structures both tune into the
same frequency which claims to be bipartisan
yet never is; and there relying upon someone
who failed to do their homework the night
before which is becoming a habit and is
just fudging through another day in the
limelight to bring to you the best coverage
in broadcast excellence you heard it first,
tune in *lightning strikes* to the source
you're in the know, serving your community,
there for the people, when you need it now!
~ extinguishing the agonizing unknown ~

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