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the population of humans upon earth increases
areas in which they populate become more dense

some research would have you believe
that as resources depleat, a cage of
overpopulated rats will become canibals
but what if the humans could use their
intellect and intuition for co~existance?

long debates over if humans are for the
most part "savages", whom cannot think
for theirselves, living within a herd
mentality// fail to diagnose this as some
natural phenomenon of benificial qualities*
Often psychology would lead us to believe
that going with the flow rather than against
the grain is an evolutionary shortcoming*

Speciocentricity ~ that humans are the
dominance or superiority of a food chain
is a concept that can be quite relative*
The obvious senario would be if the sun
sent solar ejections towards the Earth
and cleaned the planet of the humans'
electronic environment they have created
for example. One major problem potential
would be the lack of immediate food source,
and one could easily conclude that humans
would result in a survival of the ________,
possibly engadging in civil war against
some military police even, and cannibalism
would be in the cards somewhere* Time travel?

So ?could?
it be correct to say humans are *not* superior
for allowing their population to become food?
Abnormally larger than its sustainable
limits through the ill of their inventions?
Can "humans" truely take credit for the
development of a global society that is
based around a small handful of great
inventors and engineers? Or is there some
level of true miraculous interconnective,
physical electricity, technology that is
The bonding of all men and women in partical
mass? A very real oneness in identical makeup
within all the humans* And through recieving
transmissions within their whole by the global
agreeance of internet technology reguarding
their collective conscienceness as a singular?
Be it taken away, the training wheels are only
removed as the waves' signal geometry has already
crystallized through collectively shared pathways*

throughout history fossil records show
a battle upon the planet for survival
between the arthropods and the vertebrae*
Often species of creature upon the globe
~mutate~ for lack of crop circle lexicon,
to develop sensors or other adaptations
to allow them better access through gates
of survival towards to the next stage in
the tiers of Earth's living great narrative*
In written history we have seen the rise
of the machine, sciences, sophistocation,
and the uncovering of seemingly very all
knowing and synonomous societies which have
cultures and architectures that dwarf the
acomplishments of our present day wireless
neiborhood's buildings actualized through
the agreeances and limitations of funding*
It is not so much that we as humans do not
have the capability or need for a modern
equivalent to the Pyramid of Giza; measure
unwritten/undeciphered past against orbiting
International Space Station? So little known
about the then, so little known about the now*

Where lies design within the whole of humans?
There is little to no geometric whole, races
divided, values divided, superstitions amok*
Resonations throughout the peoples* Everywhere?

Humans have a strong investment in the dream*
The dream of life and rising to your destiny*
The afterlife, the dreamworld itself* They
fight living in fear of the unknown and design
their whole around *reality* and what they know,
which can often be viewed from "the present"*
Everything *known* that which has led up to
this moment to make this moment "reality",
even though the facts are often skewed and
change outside time* Some gaudge the very
reliable change, and develop influence upon
potential outcomes they devise through forms
of practiced loop holes* Others try to catch
inside tracks on speculation to prevent any
oncoming disaster* Overall, humans have many
problems in their whole which are products
of living too much for the moment or the
near future, instead of for the entirety of
their lives, much less the entirety of their
family's lives, much less the entirety of
the entire race over its entire existance*

Humans have done outstanding feats of inner
geometry however* New technologies give them
abilities to advance closer to this* Studies
suggest that fire allowed the body to use less
energy, thus alotting the brain more juice for
expandsion* Metal weapon manufacturing gave
such an advantage over the enemy that there
was time to sit back and think without fear
of opposition as they where all defeated* The
paintings and writting over the many centuries,
this day still perplexing minds causing ripples
in tessellation through the minds tuned in* And
now with the internet, the humans have finally
developed a sensor that many wish to one day
evolve to be from within their bodies* A way
that all humans come together through a common
language* A oneness of an innate geometric whole
as wide as there are people logged on*

Yet so often the opportune human, perhaps
in fear of tommorow, or lack of concern for
sacred life spheres, currently are carelessly
cutting the every-one-wholeness into pieces*
Fights to own modern babylon's universal verse,
the ownership of shared conscienceness as a
grande whole divided into share holders* As
the giants of the internet push for the total
advancement of technology and race neck and
neck for the latest device and the most inter
wieved interfacing* The humans get trampled
in this escalated tempo* Test subjects to the
latest devices of freedom, the drive behind
the forefront of conscienceness and human
achievement gets convoluded by the bottom
line* Humans relation to involvement with
this internet language is designed around their
own past giving of data away, less around what
quantifies as a solid product for human need*

The evolved sensor of the universal hive mind
access mechanism becomes monopolized, settled,
resculpted, repackaged, and filtered based upon
what the average homogenized whole so %desires%
A format designed to fail ~ psychic cannibalism*

Eye sensors of the human being are red/green,
blue/orange, and yellow/purple* Some tropical
fish possess this and yet another, forth colour*
Bees with their honeycomb geometry can see the
ultraviolet world all around us we humans do not*
Are humans more advanced than these creatures?
Becuase of human ability to rationalize why
they hold the upperhand without interspecial
debate of any degree outside experimental science?

But say there was some truth to a fourth vision*
Say that there was a human that was not brought
up in a world polluted beyond its 20th century
recognition* A child born with no dioxins, no
pharmaceuticals, no flouride in water supplies*
A human who could use their pineal gland and
health to see into the astral realm at will?
Could this be a hidden nature of the whole of
humans as to why the internet arose altogether?
Many of the designers of the modern computer
where very much engadged in the sub conscience*

To synthesize humans' need for a talon, a claw,
a spike, a venemous tail? Some mechanism that
synthesizes the abilities they once held and
have now lost? What if there was no conspiracy
that forces are trying to prevent the masses
from holding superior intellegence by poisoning
them and the environment and destroying the
internet by designing it to be smaller in size
as a metaphor that it fits into the pocket of
each and every human, pushing it to lean more
and more towards a globally self obsessed whole
community? What if there was just a school of
fish chasing each other round in circles becuase
everyone thinks they know where everyone is
going, becuase that is the geometry resonating
through and through the GPS herd ? What ifs?
What if the world wasn't already mapped out down
to a photograph of the very street you live on?

What if the herd mentality was what saved Earth?
What if this was the only thing that stood in
favor of humans remaining worthy of existance,
if they could embrace the flow of the communication,
the waters of Aquarius if you will? The meek
will inherit the Earth through evading a signal
jamming of emotional reception brought upon by
placing stress upon the mind and body by rocking
the boat til the ripples returned back to you?
If they all . . .
ALL learned that it is not only in the intrest of
all humans to do good for all, but in their own
personal intrest of survival as well to come
together and design the modern Giza pyramid by
being in tune with nature? The population upon Earth
increases and areas in which they inhabit become
more and more dense* Privacy becomes less and less*
The loss of a governed human comes into play, and
in its place arrives a giant family in which all
must make decisions together for the sake of the
whole* If a man wields an unstable knife screaming,
it is in the groups intrest to prevent him from
harming any one of the others, as they will all
be directly affected, including their very selves*
A colony of creatures of massive numbers working
as a whole dispell the whole of any impurities*

When we could once live for ourselves and take
as much pain as we could indure as the fish of
Pieces in a vast and unknown ocean, we now risk
polluting not just ourselves, but everything in
the process of careless disposal of caustic energy
down the spiral* The calling for an interconnecting
geometry is sounding from all corners of the small
globe now from a stance of mindfullness for all our
whole* To mend the broken and corroded spiral arms
of electricty that race all within the human species
singularities through and throughout itself alivened*
A acceptance of being slaves to the good/to the god of all*

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